Sunday, February 10, 2008

Write from Karen Photo Contest

Karen is doing it again! Here's my photo for the contest. This is from 2006 when Atticus was not even a month old yet. Alexandra got down on the floor with him and gave him a kiss. I think it is the epitome of Love. That's what Karen's theme was for this contest. I'll let you know when you can vote for me!
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Karen said...

OMG! This makes my heart hurt, it's such a tender moment. You're right, this is the epitome of love. What sweeties.

Thanks so much for playing, Heather, and get ready, voting will begin soon!

Write From Karen

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture - it's a candid - not posed, and very natural shot of a sister loving on her baby brother without provocation! How sweet - wish that sweet innocence stayed with us forever! And the willingness to just show our love for one another! In heaven, maybe!