Thursday, February 14, 2008

A new journey for Sebastian

We had Sebastian's evaluation with the PET program today. There was a psychologist, speech pathologist, social worker and an ot. Our OT didn't make it and neither did the OT from the early on program. I was disappointed with that. After almost 2 hours of questions for me and tests for Sebastian, they came back with news I wasn't expecting. After a conversation with our OT, Joann, I figured they weren't going to be able to offer much to us. They do want him to be in an ECDD (Early Childhood Delayed Development)classroom. He's a year and a half behind in his self help skills like putting on and taking off clothes. They also think his sensory issues warrant him being in the special class. The good news is his speech is right where it should be along with his cognitive problem skills. Now I need to go and visit the classroom where they want to place him and see if it's something we want. Then we have another meeting with the team at the pet program to set goals for him and decide what we want to do. I know that what we've done up to this point has been great for him. It just always hard when someone tells you there's something wrong with your child. So needless to say I'm struggling with this. When you are pregnant, you never ever think somethings going to be wrong with your baby. That happens to other people. Now here we are. When praying today I felt God saying you know we all have our stuff, even your kids. It's easy to see Alexandra's issues, they are just like mine. Sebastian's are different. I'm not trained to help him. I feel like I can only go so far and now we need someone professional to step in. I just want to make sure that he's in a good environment for learning and socialization. In a moment of tears, I cried out to God that I'm not equipped to be Sebastian's mom, I'm too emotional. Clearly I heard, you are exactly the person to be his mother. I'm not sure what that means but I'm trusting that God knows what He's doing.

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