Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's amazing at 4, she gets it

Today at lunch, Alexandra picked up the national right to life newspaper. On the front was a picture of a girl holding a sign that said "Abortion Kills Babies". She asked me what the sign said and I told her. She first said, they want to kill Bubba? I told her no that it happens when the babies are in their mommies tummy. She said I don't understand why people would kill babies. I told her I didn't understand either. She said mom we need to make cards and hand them out to people. The cards needed to say, "Stop killing babies". She told me she wanted to hand them out to people at church. I told her I thought people at church probably agreed with her position to stop killing babies. Just so you know, we have never talked to her about this. It's so interesting to me that she gets that killing babies is wrong. My little activist, she makes me so proud!

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