Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What a Merry Christmas it was

It all started at 8 AM, yes that's right we have three kids under 4 and they weren't up until 8 AM. I made chocolate chip pancakes (a new tradition) and most everyone enjoyed them. Then we opened presents. I have to admit that although I love getting gifts, I loved seeing our kids open theirs. It's become so much more about them than me this year and I'm thankful for that. When Alexandra opened her Ariel tent, Sebastian said, "That's Awesome". I thought that was great. We headed over to my dad's for a few more presents and then off to my step-mom's sisters for dinner. It was all so yummy as usual. Then, we put three very tired kids in the van and headed over to see my mom. I think the kids had a great time all around. Poor Atticus, he only got about an hour of sleep all day. I'm liking the new traditions we are starting with the kids. Paul is too. He mentioned that to me today. As I left my mom today I told her I was so tried and our house was a mess and that i had to go home to it. She said some day my house would be totally clean but the kids would be gone and I would only have these times as memories. She's right, these days do seem to go by fast even though they are so tiring! :) Merry Christmas!

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