Sunday, December 09, 2007

My favorite time this year

As 2007 comes to a close and with lots of snow on the ground, I've thought some about this summer. How I got a swing set for the kids at a garage sale for $15 and how many times each day I would say ok a few more pushes and mommy is done. Since we've started Sebastian's therapy, it's come to my attention that he really needs the swing stimulation. I'm glad I did that every day into November so we could meet that need at home. I also think about taking a walk this summer with Alexandra and walking by a "big" school and talking to her about that. It'll be next fall when she starts kindergarten. I also think about Atticus crawling on the driveway this summer and then later this fall chasing Alexandra and Sebastian around the driveway on two feet. I will cherish those lazy summer days watching the kids in the pool and me sitting in the chair in the shade. Ah, only a few more months and we'll be a back there.

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Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

What wonderful memories from this year! And $15? What a great find!

Thank you for sharing!

Mama Zen said...

I wish that I had found that swing set!

Jennifer said...

$15 a great deal..I would have passed it by though. I enjoy taking Kyra to the park so much if I had a swing at home I would have no more reason. LOL...

Have a great month.

vanessa said...

great memories. Being outside together enjoying what God has made is a good place to build the best memories. blessings

Kakie said...

I recall moments like that. In the middle of his year of kindergarten, my son asked me which came first, being a high schooler or a colleger.

I have a cousin whose father died at a young age after a long illness. They knew he was sick and were well off enough to travel all around the world and create family memories. She is now about 35 and this past summer we spent some time together up north. When I asked her what she remembered or missed most about her dad, it was the fact that he would cuddle with her a little bit before bed each night and then say prayers. So in the end, it is times like the ones you have shared with your kids that they will remember and treasure forever. What a gift, thanks for sharing your story. We have to capture those moments and hold them close while we have the priveledge.

Warmest wishes and happy holidays to you and your family!

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