Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Well another year has passed. Paul led worship yesterday and had everyone sing me happy birthday which was really nice. He took Alexandra shopping on Saturday and had her help him with the presents. We had rest time and then Paul went and got some chicken so I wouldn't have to cook. We then opened presents and had ice cream. My husband was wise in not buying a cake since I didn't need the extra calories. Paul always gets a card for me and says really nice things to me like he appreciates me more each year and he appreciates how I am raising the kids and such. That is really the gift to me, his words. The lotion and clothes are nice but the encouragement is really a gift. It's amazing that as I get older, physical gifts mean much less than the emotional.

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Joyfulheartart said...

I did realize that we shared the same birthday month. Happy Birthday!!