Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Current Alexandra Antics

Last night was the first night of dance. She really loved it. We got done and Alexandra said she wanted Pizza for dinner. I told her I had dinner in the crockpot. She said she wanted to talk to Daddy and see if he would get her pizza. To make a long story short, I got him on the phone and we had pizza for dinner last night. So after we got home, we were waiting for him to bring pizza we got books together for Bookmobile. I'm trying to get her to help me and she's singing into a mallet. I was getting frustrated with her not helping me. I expressed that to her and she says "tough crowd"!

As she was going to bed last night she got really upset about going to school today. She said she was really afraid to go to school. Part of it was that she thought she would have to go all day and not just the morning. Although I think part of her conversation with me was manipulative, I appreciated the moment of sitting on her bed, tucking her in and listening to how she felt about leaving me and the boys to go to school. It was dark in the room, and she was snuggled with her blanket in her bed. She looked so sweet even though she was very upset. Erin took her to school today so It'll be interesting to hear how things went when Erin dropped her off.

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