Monday, September 10, 2007

First day of school part 2

We got to school and Alexandra was still excited. Then, I started to leave, and she started to cry and hug me. I stayed for a few more minutes and then the teacher came over and offered to read her a book. Once they started the book, I stepped out. She was fine the rest of the morning. I got home to a hysterical Sebastian. Erin said she couldn't get out of him what was wrong. I hugged and snuggled him. Finally he said, "sissy mommy, where sissy", and he started to cry again. I couldn't believe it. Usually he asks about her but he was so out of sorts. I told him we'd go get her soon and that we could play until then. He snuggled a little bit more and then we played with the little people. He was really happy to get in the van and go pick her up. It was very cute!

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