Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Potty Training Woes

I tell ya, I thought Sebastian was a tough one to potty train. Oh, no the worst was yet to come. I know that Atticus gets what to do. If I take him into the bathroom about 20 min after he drinks something he will go. He fights though tooth and nail to get into the bathroom to go. If I don't make him go into the bathroom, he'll pee in his pants and not tell me. I am just at wits end. I have tried motivation, candy, toys and nothing is working. I did tell him that he cannot go to school if he doesn't use the potty. I'm gonna stick to it. He did tell me that when he was three he would be a big boy and then he would use the potty. He'll be three on Aug. 17th. I hope he keeps his word.

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