Monday, August 17, 2009

My little Guy is three today

It's interesting to me that birthday's sneek up on me so much. I love the fact that Atticus can speak his mind to me and tell me what he wants. I love that he is very independent and has an opinion on everything. He's almost out of diapers. He's been using the potty more and more and that makes me very happy. Happy Birthday little guy! I love ya lots.

Alexandra will go to all day school this year. I think it finally hit her because she came into my room after bedtime and was crying that she would miss me while she is gone all day at school. I told her she would do great and that I would pick her up in the afternoon not the evening so we would have lots of time together. She said two or three times that she's not good at math so she wouldn't do good in 1st grade. It must be something she's concerned about. I told her the teacher would help her and that she's still learning, she'll get it though. I wanted to cry with her and tell her I would miss her too but I didn't think that would help her at that moment. But this transition is hard for me too :)

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