Monday, December 01, 2008

A return

Well, it's been a while and for good reason. About 2 months ago my mom's sister was put in the hospital and they determined she had cancer and some liver problems. After three weeks in the hospital, she spent 1 week at a hospice facility and then passed. I had the awesome opportunity to spend a lot of time with her and speak to her about spiritual things. I was with her almost every day and it was quite a journey. After that Paul and I were able to serve at her memorial service in hopes of bringing hope to those she left behind. Just after we made it through that a good friend of mine lost her daughter tragically. I think as a mom you think about being in her shoes and how she might feel but we really can't imagine. I also am back at WaYfm. I'm covering afternoons until they can find a full time person to do it. Things at the preschool are good but our next meeting with the licensing agent is coming up in Feb. I'm still working at the school and hanging in there until we hear about our property transfer request with the state. Whew...It's been a crazy couple of months. The kids are all good. We'll be ending Sebastian's therapy the end of this month. I feel good about that decision and Sebastian is doing awesome. Hopefully things at home and on the blog will get back to normal now, well whatever that is!

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