Monday, March 17, 2008

Today is the day

We arrived in Florida save and sound. It was really late and Sebastian decided he didn't want to sleep in the playard, he wanted to sleep in the big bed with Alexandra. He did and pretty much stayed in the bed until morning. Hopefully, this will help him transition to the big bed when we get home. We also left Sebastian's nite-nite at home in Michigan. Granny saved the day and went and bought him a new one and we made a big deal about it when we arrived. Out of the three, he's the one who would deal with it the best! He's done really well. Atticus I think is still recovering from the sickness and is still pretty tired. We will leave for Tampa today at 2 PM and hopefully be on the boat and ready to sail by 3 PM. Last night I started to think about being away from the kids for that long and it started to bother me. I know they will be well taken care of here with My mom and Russ, it's still a litte weird to know we'll be gone for 5 days. Oh and for my friends in cooler climates, the weather has been sunny and 85 to 90 here. The kids have been loving being outside and playing in the pool. It's been so nice! I hope to update either by Utterz or via the internet while on the boat to keep a record of our trip!

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