Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kid antics

Tonight on the way to church, Alexandra starts singing in the back. It's all about God which is really cute and then she would end and say "I'm finished". When Paul and I didn't clap or cheer she said, "why isn't anyone clapping?" So we clap and cheer. Then she says for my next song, and it's about God and sounds about the same but she claims they are all different. When she finishes again, we clap and cheer and she says, "Thank you, Thank you", then she announces her next song. Paul decides to ask me a question and she says, "Why aren't you listening"! She's a trip.

We were at church tonight for a worship night. The worship band was playing and as one of our elders said that he was doing summersalts for Jesus. He also was dancing around with his hands in the air. It was too cool!

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