Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alexandra antics

The other day at the dinner table I asked Alexandra to hold Sebastian's hand to pray, she rolled her eyes and looked at Buddy. She said very seriously, No wrestling with me right now buddy!

Last night I needed to set some new ground rules for waking up in the morning. Alexandra has been getting Sebastian out of his bed and they have been crazy kids as early as 6 AM in the morning. I told her that she couldn't turn on the light until she saw the 7 on her clock and then she could come out of her room and get up when she sees the 8. I also told her not to get Sebastian out of her bed. So, she proceeds to tell me there are some new rules for me as well. I humor her. "You need to go to bed with Daddy every night, You need to stay in your bed with Daddy and not get out until you see the 8". Oh, If I couldn't only stay in bed every morning until 8. It was pretty funny!

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