Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Plumber Heather Strikes again!

Our bathroom sink got plugged up AGAIN. I tried all the natural ways to unplug it, vinegar and baking soda and it only made the problem worse. So I decided in the heat of the day to take everything out of the cabinet, take off the trap and try to put drain cleaner right down into the wall. Now the actual plan wasn't bad, it was the smell. I'm not sure what caused it but after I put the drain cleaner in, a horrible, wreched rotten egg smell started to come from the sink drain. Oh, it was awful. I took the box fan and pointed it out the window in the bathroom but it was still bad. Paul came home and thought it was dinner. He wasn't trying to be mean he was trying to be nice but didn't know that I had tried to tackle the sink. He went to Menards to get some thing including more drain cleaner. I tried the snake again down the pipe but I couldn't get it to be unplugged. Paul got to it later in the evening and he got it unplugged. Other than the smell the worst part was the black water in my sink and no being able to use the sink to wash hands and brush teeth. Even though I had black stuff all over my shirt and pants, plus the rug on the floor, I have a working sink in the bathroom now! Yeah!!!!

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