Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend highlights

Friday night brought a dinner out at Chicken coop. It was so great for all of us to be out to dinner together. Saturday Alexandra and I ran some errands and we went to a graduation party. Sunday was Church and working in the yard. Alexandra and I got the rest of the garden planted. Last week I bought a bike for Alexandra for her birthday. It's a two wheel bike and we still need to get training wheels so she can ride it. I had it covered up in the garage so she wouldn't see it. Paul moved it to get to some things and it was on the ground with a little of it uncovered. She was outside playing and found it. She came in the house all excited that she found this bike and she thought it was for her. Paul and I talked. This may sound cruel but we decided to not show it to her and tell her she needed to wait 5 weeks until her birthday. She cried and cried. She kept saying to me that she couldn't stop thinking about that bike because it was so nice. It has Disney princess' on it so it was of course very attractive. After her bath she didn't mention it again and she hasn't mentioned it this morning. We hid it in the house where she can't see or find it. Whew.

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