Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A warm day in Michigan

The Erbe's from Texas are in michigan so we all headed to a inland lake in Allegan. It was 90 degrees today but there were some great shade trees. The kids were in the water most of the time that we were there and I realized how stressful that was. The water was really shallow but you never know. After lunch Alexandra and Sebastian both wanted to swing so they did. It got to be almost 2 PM and I decided that I needed to take the kids home. Sebastian was fading and Atticus was getting really really tired. Paul stayed with his family and his brother brought him home later. I think the kids were happy to be home too. After dinner we played in the beans and then took a bath. After the bath I asked Sebastian for a kiss. He gave me one and then Alexandra gave me one. They kissed me over and over. It was such a sweet moment. I then read them some books to settle them down for the night. I am realizing that with three little ones I am in need of more and more downtime. I watered the garden and the flowers and watched a little TV the rest of the night.

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amelia said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer day! 90 is pretty warm for up there! I was glad to hear you say you find you need more down time. I can't imagine how I'd be with three. I've noticed with two how much more intentional I need to be about re-charge time.