Saturday, October 04, 2008

A great day away

First I have to say thanks to my friend Sally for inviting me to the Hearts at home conference in Grand Rapids today. Hearts at home is a non-profit ministry that's purpose is to support mom's and help them to know that they are not alone in this whole thing we call motherhood. Over 1400 women filled the Devos place in GR and it was amazing. The speakers and music was good but so was getting away for a day without the kids. It was pretty cool when I got home. The kids were in watching a video and they didn't realize I was home. Sebastian looked out the window and say me and screamed "mommy!". He giggled uncontrolably as he jumped up and down. As I walked in the door, Sebastian threw himself at me and yelled, Mommy!. Then Atticus and Alexandra came running and hugged my legs and yelled Mommy!. Then Alexandra kept jumping up and down saying, mommy, I love you, mommy I love you. It was a great homecoming and a great end to the day!

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3timesamom said...

Heather ~
I was at this conference too, had an awesome time and about passed out laughing so hard at Ken Davis! This was my first experience with Hearts at Home, but I'll definitely be back again next year!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself too! :D