Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The First Day of School, Kind of!

Alexandra had her first day of school today, but it wasn't the hardest day to come. Tomorrow, Alexandra will go to school and stay there without me. It's so hard to believe she's starting kindergarten. There were days when she was a baby, where I wasn't sure I was going to make it. The decision to go to this school was one that I second guessed even this morning. We arrived and right away I could tell our decision was the right one. So many things confirmed we have made the right choice this morning. Mostly it was how she reacted to the classroom, the other kids, her teacher all of it. I also just love her teacher. I also just love the feeling of the school. I think tomorrow I'll have my moment of tears and then be happy that we've made the right decision. One pretty funny thing was that I wouldn't allow her to put anything in her backpack this morning. I told her the back pack was for her teacher to send stuff home to us. When we arrived, she saw that other kids had stuff in their backpacks to give to the classroom. She thought that those things were for them and not for the classroom. She was pretty upset with me that I wouldn't allow her to put anything. So after talking to the teacher about what we could bring to donate Alexandra finally realized that I was right and that we would bring some things tomorrow to donate to the class. We had a great time shopping for things to donate to the class. This is a new season, an adjustment period is necessary but we'll adjust and thrive in this new season.

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